Effective treatment with a doctoral level psychologist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Benefits of Therapy

​I offer online therapy for the axiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Internet video therapy is a very effective and convenient way for clients to address their concerns therapeutically from the convenience of their home, office, or wherever their smart phone or tablet might take them. No more wasted time with driving or parking, and no more limitations in accessing the desired therapist because their office is too far away.

Secured Privacy:

Therapy with me is on a HIPPA compliant, secure video platform, so your privacy is protected, probably even moreso than if you drove to an office and sat in a waiting room.    

Effective Treatment with CBT:

I provide goal focused, short-term, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for a broad range of anxiety disorders. There are dozens of research articles discussing the effectiveness of CBT in treating anxiety disorders and OCD. These techniques and strategies can be extremely beneficial in helping you as well.  

Disorders Treated:

Under the Disorders Treated button I list the anxiety disorders that I treat, as well as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and the criteria and symptoms that are normally present in these disorders.

How Sessions Work:

Video sessions can be flexible, but would typically be either 50 minutes or 25 minutes in length and scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. Often sessions can be weekly initially but then decrease in frequency as progress is made. Termination of sessions would typically occur when the initial treatment goals that we have set have been met to your satisfaction.

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CBT for anxiety is a short-term, goal oriented treatment that focuses on helping the client to recognize the ways in which their automatic and ingrained thoughts contribute to and cause their anxiety. Treatment focuses on developing a new set of evidence based, reassuring and calming thoughts that the person can use to decrease and manage their anxiety disorder or OCD.​​

Treatment also focuses on behavioral techniques and strategies. Depending on the disorder, the client might learn meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or mindfulness. Often behavioral treatment includes gradual exposure to the situations that elicit the anxiety, with techniques for tolerating the discomfort well enough that the client gets used to the situation and the anxiety decreases.